"To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."

Friday, February 4, 2011

We now have 2 new furry additions to our home! Our daughter Megan now has Yorshire Terrier puppies. She is very busy but thrilled to have them.

There is a beautiful story of God's provision that goes along with this. Megan decided to turn her love for animals into a home business, so she decided she would raise and sell puppies. She carefully and thoughtfully selected the breed she wanted and began saving her money. She earned money by selling baked goods and even went out collecting bottles and cans to turn in for 5 cents each. She saved all her birthday money too. Megan began perusing the internet to find her puppy. She soon found that there were hundreds, even thousands of breeders selling Yorkies and that the prices varied greatly. She discovered some that were reasonable but none that were close enough to drive to and pick up, therefore Meg would now have to add another $200 + dollars on to the price of her dog for the shipping. She was a bit discouraged but she kept praying, saving, and planning. Megan struggled briefly with the decision of whom to buy her puppy from, some people were pushy, others were too expensive, some people were too vague and uncooperative. She was drawn to one lady in particular, whom she found about half way through her search. She noted her and the date the puppy would be ready but then continued on with her search. After some time and not seeming to get anywhere she remembered that lady again and I will always remember when my daughter came to me and said " Mom, I really think that God wants me to get a puppy from D" I simply said " Meg if that is what you think then keep praying and saving and if that is the puppy God wants you to have then God will save it for you and it will happen" Her smile and joy were priceless! She did continue praying, & saving and contacted the breeder many times to ask questions. The breeder was and is a sweet and wonderful lady. Megan and her Dad and I felt sure that this was the breeder we wanted her to buy from. At this point, Megan only had enough money for the puppy but not the shipping. The puppy was going to be ready on December 24th and her Dad and I thought it would be marvellous if Meg could have her puppy for Christmas. Unbeknownest to Meg, her Dad called the breeder and explained Meg's situation and asked her if she would hold the puppy for Megan if she put a deposit down. This incredibly sweet lady, (who is also a Christian) decided that she would rather have Meg pay for the shipping and pay her for the puppy whenever she could! We were blown away by this kind gesture, which was also very trusting on her part! Megan did not know about this and we kept it that way until Christmas when we surprised her with a card with a picture of her puppy telling her that she would be coming soon. And...if that isn't awesome enough, about 2 weeks before we were supposed to pick the puppy up, the breeder calls and tells my husband she is giving Megan a male puppy too, absolutely free!!! She really loves Meg and wanted to help her get started with her business. My husband was speechless. So...our daughter now has 2 beautiful, healthy puppies and we know the Lord was in it all the way!! We are all so thankful that God provides and that His timing is perfect!

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  1. What a wonderful story!! Isn't it awesome how God provides not only our needs but the desires of our hearts?